Yesterday Origins PS4-LiGHTFORCE

Yesterday Origins PS4-LiGHTFORCE

Yesterday Origins PS4-LiGHTFORCE The story events of Yesterday Origins are flowing in two periods. The first period dates back to the 15th century and occurs in Spain, and the other dates back to the present time, and this time we are transferred to the beautiful city of Paris.

Yesterday Origins PS4 Game Overview

Like the first version, you will follow the story of John Yesterday. A 500-year-old man appeared to be a 35-year-old man, who, for unknown reasons, has become useless for us and his human being. Each time “John” dies, after a short time he again lost his appearance; It’s alive, but its memory is completely erased and it should again seek to find its identity.

Of course, in order to solve this problem, John gets a message every morning for himself, which contains a video and completely introduces himself. Another main character is John Paul, Pauline Petit. Like John, he has the ability to return to life with his youthful appearance after dying every day, but unlike John, he does not lose his memory, and so often threatens his worries during his high-risk missions. does not.

The two deal with each other as an antique and antique store selling goods, and after the events of the first edition, it seems that they have lived a quiet life without difficulty for a long time, but they do not long wait for a nightmare to bring their lives back into another. The Yesterday Origins game for the first time introduces you well to the characters who appeared in the previous version and you do not necessarily need to pre-play the previous part to understand what’s happening here.

All in all, I can say that the story that Yesterday Origins tell you is complicated but simple, and it can be similar to (and somewhat equivalent) novels of American Dan Brown, which is worthy of an independent play game. It shows the team’s sophistication after “two decades of experience” in making adventure games.

Yesterday Origins PS4-LiGHTFORCE

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