Viva Pinata PC Free Download

Viva Pinata PC Free Download

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Viva Pinata PC Free Download You can download this game full for free with direct link download or single link with full speed download by


Viva Pinata is one of the most attractive, beautiful and happy cartoon is that the company in 2006 by Microsoft Game Studios for the PC was released. Viva Pinata is a game wide open by the end of creatures called Pynata (pinata) is. Even an animated television partnership with 4kids and Fox with a similar name just to further acquaint children with the title encourages parents to buy the game. Pynataha are all made of chocolate and sometimes even their names have been removed from the famous chocolate. In the first place you’re in the game does not look too good. More like a desert to a garden that Pynata want to call it home.
 Viva Pinata PC Free Download
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In the game you need to make a garden, bringing to 62 the number Tnvshan Pynatahay variety that seems to drag your garden. To attract any Pynata must first obtain your criteria then Pynata the first color is black in color and are living in your garden. For example, the existing garden is a worm. The logistics facility (or rank) in food that birds may drag the worms to your garden or the lake’s aquatic life to your garden by creating a drag. you love it anyway. As stated at the beginning of the game you have to reintegrate the garden and planting grass and the sower and attract more bird a worm, then several worms and other garden Pynataha are entered. Arrangement of gardens and features that put it in a spirit of Pynata are affected. For example, you can build a nest for their Pynataha clothing and decorative like sunglasses and hats etc. you buy or garden sculpture. to avoid the chocolate reaches the end of the path and to his wife.
 Viva Pinata PC Free Download
Viva Pinata PC Free Download
For More Information / Wikipedia
Developers / Rare / Climax Group

Viva Pinata PC Free Download

Viva Pinata PC Free Download click on the below for link wait just 5 second and click skip ads The Game it’s full and complete game just download and start playing it , We have provided direct link full setup of the game.

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Viva Pinata game PC




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  • Hi, we are fix all the link download,but sir! we the game was removed from the old server we changed that’s mea you need to download over again we are sorry for this problem, Thank you.

    • BB

      that’s ok. thank you 😀

  • BB

    part 7 isnt working :l

  • Monica Sehgal

    Neither the direct download option nor the other links options are working for me.

    • Hi, sir! his website is deffirent from another website we are only use direct link here, thank you.

  • Chrys Danner

    part 7 isnt working for me

  • Arkk

    Part 1 isn’t working

  • GiuliGugliu

    Hi, part 7 is not working again 🙁 pls help

    • Hi, my friend the link is back to work, Thank you.

  • Hi, my friend please send to me screen-shot, Thank you.

    • Paolo Benvenuti

      Hi, i solved the problem, i just need to install Games for Windows Live, now i can play and save my progress 🙂 Thank you for the game 😀

  • Paolo Benvenuti

    Hi, i have a problem with the game, it says that i cannot save because i don’t have a profile, what can i do? D:

  • Lime Green

    Okay, i finally figured it out. I didn’t need all 7 parts.. Just 1 with 2 iso files.
    Well thankyou, i got the game to work now =]

  • hi, my friend extract the all files every one in one folder and start install one by one, thank you.

  • Lime Green

    Hi, Skidrow. I have downloaded each part and im left with 14 .iso files. What am i meant to do with those?
    Each part folder contains 2 files, rld-vip1 and rld-vip2. I didnt extract each part to the same folder as they wanted to overwrite each other. Ive noticed people ask below and you requested a screenshot and they never gave one. So i have included a screenshot of the files i currently have.
    Each 2 files also seem to be the exact same size and edited the exact same time. Are they the same files? If so why have 7 parts containing the same files.

  • Hi, my friend after you download extract and install, Thank you.

  • Jack Herrick

    Hi Skidrow just wondering i have now downloaded all the files and exctrated them what do i do after that?

  • Hi, my friend the link is back to work, thank you

  • Avd Putra

    Hey, part 7 isn’t working, can you update the link? (it says waiting for available sockets)

  • Hi, my friend i’m sorry for late reply please send to me screen-shot to see what i can do, Thank you.

  • JM2017

    I downloaded all 7 files and extracted them. But how do I go from there? Because I have now 11 Iso-files.. I tried mounting them all, but then I get an error during the installation.

  • Hi, my friend the link is back to work, Thank you.

  • EndySK

    PART 7 Don´t work for me pls send me some link what can help 🙂

  • ZeroJumper

    the game run, but i cant see the dialogues, how i can fix it?, every dialogue is white

  • Hi, How my friend please send to me screen-shot to see what the problem, thank you.

  • Nyanzzar

    the game will not start

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