Vessel PS3 Free Download

Vessel PS3 Free Download

Vessel PS3 Free Download Vessel is a 2D action game and puzzle game that has a special feature to simulate fluid. Arkwright’s most famous manufacturer of fluid mechanics in the world has completed its work in this game.

Vessel PS3 Free Download Overview

Fluros The simulation engine liquid that has revolutionized the game. Vessel can discover the world of physical models, solve various puzzles and cars with fluid control and mysterious creatures Fluro discover.

Vessel PS3 Free Download

Watery machines and live in this world is on the move and you have to stop this chaos. Vessel is a game about a man who can restore normal life.

Vessel PS3 Free Download

– Fluid gameplay: Vessel is a unique simulation and optimization of liquid water in the flow of molten material, chemical fluids, adhesives, protoplasm and so on. Each liquid has its own unique characteristics and special effects to create.
– Live liquids: Fluro creatures that interact with the simulation of fluids have taken on this game very enjoyable. Each element in the game has unique features such as melting, assimilation, and is blown.
– A unique puzzle: you have to combine different behaviors of this unique water creatures, solve puzzles game. All of this world physically simulated Assad and puzzles are designed based on the simulation of fluids. The gameplay is unique and totally addictive.

Vessel PS3 Free Download

Developer: Strange Loop Games
Publisher: indiePub Entertainment Inc

| That run on CFW 3.55 – CFW 4.41 – CFW 4.46 |
Data Release Date: 13/03/2014
Requirements Platform: PS3
Genre: Action / Puzzle
Type: pkg
Language: ENG
Software: CFW 3.55, 4.41, 4.46
Idi game: NPUB31447
File size: 475 MB
Release: SKIDROW

Vessel PS3 Free Download

Vessel PS3




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