The Turing Test v1.00 PS4-PRELUDE

The Turing Test v1.00 PS4-PRELUDE

The Turing Test v1.00 PS4-PRELUDE Does artificial intelligence have the ability to overtake and deceive humans? Can an artificial intelligence be able to judge a human being to go so far as to answer a question and answer a man who is talking to another man?

The Turing Test v1.00 PS4 Game Overview

Alan Turing, a mathematician and scientist of the twentieth century using A simple algorithm introduced a test for the first time in 1950, so that an artificial intelligence, along with a human being and against another human, entered a test to prove his own being.

By adopting the same test, the Bulkhead Interactive Studio has put together a multiplayer puzzle-solving game ahead of the PlayStation 4 holders, with Fortune’s engineering engineer Eva Turing, First with the help of an artificial intelligence named TOM Take a step on the European level, one of the most famous moon of the massive planet Jupiter. With the disappearance of the astronauts of the International Space Agency (ISA) in the 23rd century, Tom, AI, awakens Eva Turing to discover the events behind the disappearance of other astronauts from sleep.

One of the most important points of the game The Turing Test is the science of storytelling and dialogue between Tom and Eve. Players in the game face three theories and dependencies of each of the theories between mathematics, philosophy, and biology; the Turing test, the chinese room theory, and the play-reaction theory, all of which have a semantic connection between human performance and intelligence. The same theme will appeal to The Turing Test for audiences interested in the Turing machine and articles by John Searle, an American philosopher and creator of the Chinese room theory.

Among the positive points of the storyline are the full description of Tom and the writings found by Eve during the stages. The game from the very beginning also creates doubts alongside Eve in the player. This is a doubt to the end with the player, and from the biological point of view of mankind and its accompaniment with intelligence, it is able to create a new perspective on human research. Although each of the sentences of Eve, and in particular Tom, is of great importance for understanding the progress of the story, nonetheless, players enter new areas such as headquarters, new information through television, tablet, paper and recorded conversations. Gets talk of the crew.

The Turing Test v1.00 PS4-PRELUDE

The Turing Test (CUSA-06681) PS4-PRELUDE Exploit 4.55




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