The Swapper PS3 Free Download

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2017)

The Swapper PS3 Free Download

The Swapper PS3 Free Download The Swapper’s beautiful game was released in 2013 for mobile phones as well as for PCs and received high scores from reputable sites. The PlayStation 3 version of the game was recently released by Studio Curve Studios.

The Swapper PS3 Free Download Overview

The Swapper is an atmospheric and mysterious two-dimensional platform game. This two-dimensional game, in addition to having beautiful visual effects, is a model of real-world natural designs, it also comes with audible and engaging music.

The Swapper PS3 Free Download

But the culmination of the game maker’s art must be sought in the clever design of puzzles. The Swapper takes place in space and in a massive spacecraft and brings the future away from the player. Once upon a time, astronauts will face a few strange stones in the space that they are undergoing a series of disturbances, and most people and researchers in the space ship die and this causes the evacuation of the space ship. You are now wandering around in this great environment and solving the puzzle of the game to reach the end of the game story.

The Swapper PS3 Free Download

At the beginning of the entry into the dark and silent world of the play, you find yourself feeling strangely alone, which is not very durable. It takes a long time to play a special weapon in your hands and leave you alone in the cold and light rooms with unique riddles. This special weapon, the main part of the gameplay based on it, has two important features: first, it can create multiple copies (up to four) of the main character in different places in the environment. Copies created will imitate all your actions, and if you move to the right, for example, copies will go to the right, however, until they encounter an obstacle or fall off the height. In this way, the correct and accurate placement of the original character copies in different places is important. But the second feature of your weapon, which adds to the complexity of the game, is the feature that allows you to switch between each copy and the main character for you. So you can imagine that the simple conundrum, such as opening a door and passing through it, can be complicated and requires large displacements between different locations.

The Swapper PS3 Free Download

The Swapper PS3
| Runs on + CFW 3.55 |
Release Date: 07/23/2014
Requirements Platform: PS3
Game type: intellectual
Type: pkg
Language: ENG
Software: + CFW 3.55
Idi game: NPUB31424
File size: 305 MB
Release: SKIDROW

Developer: Olli Harjola, Otto Hantula, Tom Jubert, Carlo Castellano
Publisher: Facepalm Games 

The Swapper PS3 Free Download

The Swapper PS3




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