Tech Support Error Unknown PC-Razor1911 + SiMPLEX

Tech Support Error Unknown PC-Razor1911 + SiMPLEX Tech Support: Unknown Error is an interesting game for computer coding and debugging enthusiasts.

Tech Support Error Unknown PC Free Download

You are in the role of a computerized technical support that needs to solve people’s problems. You need to connect to their systems, chat with them, and suggest a solution or even personalize the software that is available to you and use it to your advantage.

This game is a trailer from the Dragon Slumber studio released by Iceberg Interactive. The style of the game can be simulated, adventure, hacking and kajwal. This game has a particular story line that makes the mood of the game more attractive to you.

You will work in the Quasar Communications Organization, and the CEO of the company will hire you as a new and skilled codec. You can work at your own home and you do not have to be at work. With the support desk support system you can connect with your customers and the Spectrum system is installed beyond all of these algorithms.

In the Tech Support: Error Unknown game, you can use a variety of software, or customize it, and fix people’s problems. You can use GPS to locate missing people’s handsets and blackmail clients for potential viruses.

The story gets interesting when you notice a disruption in your company’s employee system. Some people in the company are connected to an unknown group of hackers, and some other people in the same organization are planning to stop them. Are you hacking or hacking a white hat and setting up security? It is your decision! The game will have more than 20 different endings, and according to your decisions, new segments of the game will be unlocked.

Tech Support Error Unknown System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or greater
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz CPU
  • Memory: 500 MB RAM
  • Storage Capacity: 500 MB

Tech Support Error Unknown PC-Razor1911 + SiMPLEX

Tech Support Error Unknown PC-Razor1911 + SiMPLEX







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