Sonic Generations PS3 Free Download

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Sonic Generations PS3 Free Download

Sonic Generations PS3 Free Download Sonic Sega consoles in one of the most popular games that were not so long ago. Blue hedgehog as a sign to the world of computer games won many fans for himself. found in the generation of the games offered on this character, I did not pay attention.

Sonic Generations PS3 Game Overview

A beautiful fancy graphics that are associated with a variety of colors, something which as you can see it. Music is one of the most memorable parts of the game. Early music game series Sonic the music world that perhaps many of you have memories.

Sonic Generations PS3 Free Download

Music in different stages, which are lovely pieces by Mr. Masato Nakamura had been made and they have heard of the old version, but the difference is that the re-building and better quality the game can be heard.

Sonic Generations PS3 Free Download

Sonic Generations game in the style of action-adventure that made by studio Sonic Team and Sega has released it in 2012 for the PS3. Sonic Generations is a gameplay that allows you to control both Modern and Classic hedgehog popular in your hand. In both cases, your main mission is to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds. In addition, you should save his friends from captivity and also discover the secret to the hole. 20 Level during the game you see the history of Sonic Games. In all three areas, each consisting of three distinct stages in the game, and the two giants is the old version. The classic game Sonic Spin Dash and Spin Attack has two distinct dimensions is the modern part of the game has a 2 and 3-dimensional gameplay. All powers such as invisibility and Sonic Speed Shoes are also each Level Up in open play. You can download this game from the American get exciting.

Sonic Generations PS3 Free Download

  • Game Information:

Name game: Sonic Generations

Name of the game (American): Sonic Generations

Platform: PS3

Manufacturer: Sonic Team

Enterprises Publisher: Sega

Style game: Action, Adventure

| That run on CFW 3.55 – CFW 4.41 – CFW 4.46 |
Data Release Date: 2011/11/01
Requirements Platform: PS3
Genre: Action
Type: Full-crystal
Language: ENG
Software: CFW 4.46, 4.41, 3.55
Idi game: BLES01236
File Size: 8.31 GB

Sonic Generations PS3 Free Download

Sonic Generations PS3




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