Singularity PS3 Free Download

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Singularity PS3 Free Download

Singularity PS3 Free Download The engine of this game is the unreal engine 3, but they have not been able to make the most of this engine. The atmosphere of the atmosphere inspires you to feel fear.

Singularity PS3 Game Overview

A dark and dirty environment that has been abandoned for many years and now you have blown up a new soul is one of the weak points of the textures that are designed to be very poorly designed and badly designed, It takes a lot of time to load.

Singularity PS3 Free Download

The places are very repetitive and very bad. Illumination is a flaw that is not at all compatible with the environment because the ambient atmosphere is a lot of illumination that is not compatible at all.

Singularity PS3 Free Download

The design of enemies is very good but repetitive, but a good point is the weapons that are well-functioning and perfectly normal. In general, the graphics are not working well, but you can not say the graphics are bad. Gameplay is the point of strength of this game. While the gameplay is the largest copy of the Bioshock game, but still with a little innovation, you will be attracted to it. You will use two weapons in the battle and passing through the environments, one weapon and the other one that is close to your hand, which is due to the variety of the game. In the game, you can easily switch and use the device and the gun. Your soul and energy system is quite similar to Bioshock; a bar for life and a bar for power that you can save on life-saving packs, but when you want to save your life among Restore the fight, the character must close his wrists with a cloth like that, which in the beginning of the game leads to your repeated death and is very crushing nerves.

Singularity PS3 Free Download

A device that is locked up by character is often upgraded during the game, and as a result, new powers are added, such as turning humans into zombies, creating a wave of energy that slows down within that time Inside the game, the mysteries They are also included in this device and are repeated after a while. But in general, they are good for diversity and they are a bit preventing the game’s uniformity. Another innovation in the game is its weapons; in the game, there is a gun called Seeker, which can be a shotgun, you can control the bullet and aim at the target, these bullets explode after the collision and the person is fragmented. Which is attractive in its own right. During the game, new and diverse weapons will be released that have a good variety, and as you progress in the game, you can be very powerful by upgrading the weapons and forces of the machine, and easily drag the enemies that you hardly kill early in the game.

| Runs on + CFW 3.55 |
Data Release Date: 21/06/2010
Requirements Platform: PS3
Genre: Action
Type: Full-crystal
Language: ENG
Software: + CFW 3.55
Idi game: BLUS30296

File Size: 5.81 GB

Singularity PS3 Free Download

Singularity PS3




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