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  1. Solijman

    why are there so many diffrent versions of assassins creed i mean one says complete otther gold otther duluxe which one do i need to download to just have the full game with everything and all

  2. Nabil Rififi

    Yakuza Kiwami 2 for PS4 please I can’t find it anywhere but all others are available don’t know why maybe it has no crack right now? Thank’s in advance for your work!

      1. Raj Chowdhury

        Again thank you very very much.
        You are doing a great job.
        And thanks for AC Syndicate and Six Siege i have completed those two game file of fitgirl repacks.

  3. Bouji

    hi, can you please upload blazerush for ps4 it’s a really awesome party game only about 300 mb, thank you

  4. Somesh Tiwari

    Far cry primal without any level failed errors. I m trying lots of sites always i get the coruppted version which i stuck in tempting the beast nd verious all levells. can u plz give me a very fair nd good crack version plzzzz.

  5. DownloadKing

    Hey Skidrow Can You Upload These 2 Games Please ?…..1.Forza Horizon 2012 & Forza Motosport 4

    1. Skidrow Gamez

      1 shadow of the beast: this game is only on Platforms: Amiga, Sega Genesis, Commodore 64, MORE
      2 mass effect deluxe edition:
      3 red dead redemption 2 ultimate edition: this game is only on Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
      4 vampyr:
      5 onrush deluxe edition: we can’t found this game
      6 tomb raider definitive edition:

      1. Hamza Ansari

        Hi ones again thanks for replying me I am very gald to see this. 3 red dead redemption 2 maybe not release so please when This game is released please upload and tag me no problem if this game platforms only PS4 I got it
        And please upload Far cry 5 gold edition or you can upload far cry 5 digital deluxe edition as faster as you can. thanks
        One more thing if you don’t mind so please your insta username / WhatsApp number talking on disqus is like a headache if you’re agree ping me [email protected]
        Make a vedio on YouTube how to update games

        I also visit your FB page he said visit your website.

  6. Isac Nobre

    hey guys,
    I’ve been searching a lot for Football Manager 2018, unfortunately my
    internet does not download torrents, could you arrange how to download
    in the rar format? Unfortunately I can not use the torrent, thanks for the ease of downloading wonderful games on this site. for PC please

  7. Raichin

    Hello and thank you for the amazing uploads.

    Could you possibly add God of War for PS4 5.05 with Japanese language? I think the ID for it is PCJS-66019.

  8. Don

    Sir please help gta v reloaded and agents of mayhem pc sir files corrupt I am install 32bitwinrar and window 7 Oscar 32 bit version

  9. Karan

    Plz give Detroit become human game iso file download for ps4.plz give direct link to download and if possible plz give it in parts.

  10. Hussain Abbas

    i can’t seen watch dogs 2 in pc version can you please upload watch dogs 2 in pc with fitgirl repack version

  11. Xalupa

    Games only or DLC as well? I can’t find Ace combat assault horizon PS3 DLC anywhere. The supposedly full packs aren’t complete as they only have about half of all DLC planes.

  12. Pierre Kriel

    Hi, can you get command & conquer red alert 3 and red alert 3 uprising in parts download of 710 mb file size please. Thanks your games are great.

  13. Sourav Chakraborty SvCy

    Can you plz upload Assassin’s Creed Rogue Deluxe Edition by CorePack ( including English language & optional videos). Previous version doesn’t includes updates & DLCs.

          1. Himanshu Kalra

            i want to know that the game `spiderman homecoming’ is now available for pc
            if yes give me the link

  14. shani andreas (Amar T)

    Hey, admistrator, im very thanks for your help, because your help, I & many my firends can taste the popular games. now i want to request 2 game who to be not easy to find, starwars battlefront 2 2017 full version repack & crack the division 2016. in other website game, starwars B2 2017 it’s link & crack is too make me so tired to download. so, may you can upload that 2 things. im bery proud if you send the asnwer through my email, [email protected]. #sory_for_badEnglish

  15. Debabrata Saha

    Need For speed 2015 download link error it shows no 404 not found, file has been deleted please fix it i want to play this game and also upload the crack

  16. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, Admin here thank you for this interesting about skidrow gamez website, we are sorry but we have a team for now working on skidrow we can”t add more member, ok, thank you so much.

  17. kathik sl

    Hi, I got a new ps4, Can you help me with installing mafia 3 on ps4. Do i need to do any tweeks to ps4 before installing games. can someone help me with process of installing download games in ps4. i am downloading in external harddrive. please help me on how to copy also

    Tried refering the article posted in the page but it was confusing.

    1. el matius

      could it be possible to fix scholar of the first sin too? cause that was the one i was asking. my bad for not specificating XD

  18. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, sir! sorry for late the link os fix it, please stop sent to me many comments if I’m not replied that’s not mean I’m not read your comment ok, I read your comment but I was working to fix this problem ok, if i late maybe sometimes because the many comments i get it every day ok, just write to me one comment and i will reply fast as possible can.

    Thank you.

        1. Francesco Cerullo

          ok thanks anyway i see the new link of the BLES version and i start the download now thanks again for the great jobs that you have do for me!!!

  19. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, sir! I’m sorry because not reply all last time, I’m back now, so we are searching for your game but we are sorry we can’t found please request any another game I will see what i can do, thank you.

  20. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, sir! this is all version fifa manager we have for now:

    FIFA Manager 2013 PC Free Download :

    FIFA Manager 12 PC Free Download :

    FIFA Manager 14 PC Free Download :

    FIFA Manager 10 Free Download :

    Club Manager 2015 PC Free Download :

    Football Manager 2011 PC Free Download :

    FX Eleven 2014 PC Free Download :

    Thank you….

  21. Vignesh Vicky

    Hi this is vicky, i want God of War III Ultimate Edition(PS3 game)
    BCUS-98231.. My favorite game pls share it..i beg you

  22. Aftab Khan

    My Dear friend…
    there is some sort of problem in 5th part of PC Game Clive Barkey’s Jericho…
    Please upload it again…

  23. gimonoko .

    An oldie but goody, if you don’t mind doing a game that probably only a handful would use. I’m just finding this for the sake of completion. I noticed that you don’t have “Saints Row: The third” for ps3. If it isn’t too much for a hassle I’d like a request for it, since it’s probably only me that’s going to download it.

  24. Ohayo Gozaimasu

    Hello admin, please upload middle of earth shadow of mordor fitgirl repack or corepack if exist, thank you very much admin

  25. Debashish

    Hey can u upload Tom Clancy ghost recon wildland full game. This game has recently released and also cracked by cpy and 3dm

    1. Gursharanjit Singh

      Can you upload Elder Scrolls Online for PC please.I have found this game on your site but its in PS4.

  26. pokboy

    Hi! Please upload all the official Kawasaki motorsports racing games: Snowmobiles, ATV Powersports, Jet Ski, and Quad Bikes. Thanks

  27. ali la

    SkidrowGamez i read some comments, No offense but God eater :Resurrection is only available:Playstation 4, Playstation vita and Windows, but you said in the comments that is available on psp are you sure? pls reply can you give me a link?


      (Q.Q) it’s ok, can I request nekopara vol 1 and 2 all ages? If still don’t found those games, any good otome games is fine by me.


    Can I request for visual novel game called “kira kira all ages vision” from mangagamer. I feel greetful if I can play this games.

    1. john red

      i installed the game but i cant play it, it says(renew licence playstation store) which means a fix file or something.

    2. john red

      this usually happens when it needs a fix file or eboot or something, please reply because it took so long to download this game, thank you.

  29. john red

    hello can you upload a crack file for kingdom of amalur(ps3) the .pkg version because it does not come with it? and if you can find any dlc?

  30. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, my friend about walking dead session 3 this game is still need time to out ok, and about call of duty black ops 2 we are dedect the problem in the link download we are changed to corepack version, thank you.

  31. Sasi Kumar

    Dear I want walking dead session three game please.
    Also the call of duty block ops 2 part 12 is deleted.plz upload the file again

  32. Olivanic Černá

    Is it possible to convert the Godzilla Videogame “PS3 or PS4” into a PC Version ?!?
    I saw alot of Xbox 360 and PS4 Converts all over your different Pages 🙂

  33. Huidrom Deepak Singh

    I cant play lara croft and temple of osiris. My video card is nvidea M370 512 mb. And my pc support direct x 10 but not 11. How can i play the game it says direct x 11 not compatible.Please provide some tips to play the game In my system laptop. Thanks

  34. john red

    Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants(ps3)-Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence (ps3)-Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII (PS3)-Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War(PS3)

  35. Abd

    assassin’s creed II on Xbox 360,there is a torrent file but there is no seeders.
    I know it is an old game,but I need it.
    thanks in advance 🙂

      1. Sahil Kapoor

        Ravi Alimchandani dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3 is a ps2 game you can play it by pcsx2 emulator easily on your pc, no need of ps3 emulator.

  36. Ravi Alimchandani

    dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3 pc please.( I know this game is not for pc but its available on rg mechanics. Please upload here.I am unable to download.) Thank you.

  37. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, my friend for your 2 games Moto Racer 4 and WRC 6 , in first game Moto Racer 4 i can’t found links download for this game and about WRC 6 i found the link download but is without crack this 2 game is very earlier to find him. i need more time to collect more information about this 2 game, if you want i will upload WRC6 game but will be without Crack, Thank you.

  38. pokboy

    Hello, it’s me again.. if possible please upload the following games: Moto Racer 4 & World Rally Championship 6 [WRC 6]. THANKS 🙂

  39. Ravi Alimchandani

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow pc blackbox link not working please repair.(Not 2 or mirror of fate) For ultimate edition.

  40. Hamura Otsutsuki

    Hello! May you post links for Sky Force Anniversary Soundtrack DLC? Although the game is up, nobody has ever posted the DLC and I really want it! Thanks

      1. Ravi Alimchandani

        Come on! There isn’t any link for nfs world. I checked it already before requesting you. Please look over it. But thanks for your speedy replies.

  41. Skidrow Gamez

    hi, my friend i’m search for your crack but your write it’s hard to find crack, i’m sorry you can check it’s best web site for crack and fixes files games, thank you for request.

    1. alexMATTIU

      thanks boss.. you are the man.. 4Nov the game released, 7 Nov you give the game for free for us.. you never dissapointed us..

    1. erbemarl

      God Eater resurrection. According to priority: WINDOWS then PSP (USA ENGLISH). can i follow-up, do you have a crack in GOD EATER 2 already?

  42. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, my friend thank you for download from my web site, but there’s litlle problem about jailbreak we still waiting new jaibreak like ps3 console, when we found it all the game you can play without any problem, Thank you.

  43. Heba Omar

    hi .. i downloaded the never alone and journey and rocket league games then i don’t know how i can put it in ps4 console .. my ps4 with 4.0.1 firmware .. please help me .. tell me how i can put it and play it on my ps4??

    how i can download and install the game on it? i hear about debug setting and jailbreak anyone tell me how i can do it and send me the jailbreak!! ..


    thanks a lot..

  44. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, my friend the problem here is on install game ps4, we still waiting for jailbreak like ps3 console now, i dont know how much we need to wait but if i found soething i will tell you, thank you.

  45. daniclip

    hi rockers, please give me tiger woods pga tour 12 crack and its procedure. if possible please let me know you have any best golf game.

  46. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, my friend i can’t make the game ps4 or xbox one on torrent bceause it’s very hard to find game on ps4, i have now many games ps4 direct link download only now, and about xbox one we still shearvhing for new game when i found i will send to your all the link download don’t worry, thank you.

    1. chilli

      Hey thanks but do you have other ps4 or Xbox one direct download links and when do you think you can give me the link for Wwe 2k17 PS4 or Xbox one?
      Do you have any other ps4 and Xbox one direct download links

  47. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, my friend this game on Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita , and now the store game on this 2 is still little we are still searching about the game for ps vita and ps4 , we can’t found your game now but i will do my best to find your game, thank you.

  48. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, no my friend i’m not found it i’m sorry i make search on internet the only game i found it is only the game number 3 but we still searching if i found anything game i will send to you, thank you.

      1. Skidrow Gamez

        Hi, my friend i have version english but is not “Jtag” version is [NTSC-U][ISO] , That’s why, if you want i will uploaded the 2 and you have chioce my friend, thank you.


    can you add j stars victory vs pc version and god of war 3 pc and please fix plants vs zombies garden warfare 1 pc download links

  50. Skidrow Gamez

    hi, yes my friend i’m still searching dont worry this game is not found in internet search, that’s mean i need more time to found it , that’s why don’t worry i will send to you message when i found it , Thank you.

    1. Moi

      Thanks, but It’s not the real one It’s the A-10C Warthog game although the name of the file is black shark, I didn’t find it until now, so I thought you could do it if you know what I mean 😉

          1. Primal

            Thanks alot really!!! is it the full game ? i mean with all databases ,just like Fritz 13 that you have uploaded before ??? thanks again !!

  51. Mohd Shufairy Abd Razak

    hello skidrow i would like to request game tom clancy’s H.A.W.K 1 and 2 please. And could you PM me through FB message once you already upload it. many thanks