RDS The Official Drift Videogame

RDS – The Official Drift Videogame is an official and licensed version of the Russian Drift Rally Championship that the Drift Physics Crew studio has been entrusted with developing.

RDS The Official Drift Videogame PC Free Download

Get ready to compete in Russia’s famous professional competitions and tracks and compete with other gamers all over the world online. The realistic gaming experience can be enjoyed thanks to the exact simulation made in this game. . There are many improvements in the game and more development is on the agenda of the developer team. The tuning and personalization of the car is very attractive and can attract gamers and professional car friends.

The RDS game uses the new generation of physics simulations of drift machines that can give gamers the most realistic and precise system of tournament races. The multiplayer mode is in the form of a game and not in the form of a freebie. The time gap between gamers has dropped to a minimum, and it has been tried to have a really enjoyable experience on the online side. The game sound system utilizes the very unique technology of this studio, which we have not seen before in any other game.

Meanwhile, the virtual reality mode is also embedded in this game to experience the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift or other virtual reality equipment. The strange resolution of the high 5760px at 1080px is also available in the RDS The Official Drift Videogame so you can divide the game environment into three monitors and make the game more fun. The gamepad and keyboard support comes with the use of mouse controllers in this game.

RDS The Official Drift Videogame System Requirements

  • OS: 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB of RAM
  • Storage: 10 GB of available space

RDS The Official Drift Videogame PC-CODEX

RDS The Official Drift Videogame PC-CODEX




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