Rat Simulator PC Free Download

Rat Simulator PC Free Download

Rat Simulator PC Free Download PC Game with a direct link. Rat Simulator is a Casual, independent game release on July 27, 2017, publisher by Visualnoveler.

Rat Simulator PC Game Overview

The mouse simulator is based on the survival design and stealth style, the user can fill the responsibility in front of neighbors at home with the mouse. There are hidden elements, so users must be careful in the game, people do not see this game because they will contact the authorities, and destroy you when you play with the mouse.

Rat Simulator PC Free Download

Your task is to infect nine families, but be careful, because it makes you difficult to get along. The reason for the confusion in the house, the broken cutlery, the glasses and other household items, or to quit the house. Detention of mice was kept in the house, as well as using other mice infected by other families in the same area. It is toxic to people and poisoned the food so that you can return home from home. Enjoy: Learn new moves, annoyed residents, and crush them.

Rat Simulator PC Free Download

A simulator survival rats simulator stealth role-playing game, in the suburbs near you play a plague rat spread in the surrounding area to establish a paradise for the rat.

If you no longer need to think about where people know when they will occur because the most advanced computer simulation is to simulate a complete mouse experience. Like mice, you get to steal food, destroy and create chaos, as long as you feel that way. So intimidate those who are afraid of you, and give you a call to eliminate the killer.

Rat Simulator PC Free Download

You play a simulator of confusion in doing this stealth role to survive because the experience of life is a hunted mouse to expel those who hate!

Rat Simulator PC Free Download

Rat Simulator Features

  • Infection is the infection of 9 unique houses, the plague in the suburban area, but residents should pay attention to prevent you in your tracks.
  • Stealth games – avoid people found that while spreading the plague, or you’ll be angry the killer is going to kill you!
  • Damage – causing chaos in the house, you will get to destroy valuable items such as plates, glasses, and vases, which is a disappointment to humanity. Or, maybe you just want to have fragile things behind, so my house is a mess.
  • Boss fight – the defeat of the team of the puppet leaders is called the suburban community as its territory.
  • Mouse Heaven – keep trapped in the houses of rats, mice, and then infect a new appeal in your house near!
  • Improvements – your experience can improve your ability, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to improve your mouse skills.
    Food poisoning – the spread of the disease to a person is very interesting, after all, if they died from the plague, you will get your own home, right?
  • A person is upset – like a plague, when an incident with a poison, you temporarily stop a person in orbit.

Rat Simulator PC Free Download

Rat Simulator PC Game System Requirement

  • Operating system: Windows 7+
  • Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Disk space: 3 GB of free space

Rat Simulator PC Free Download

click down to the link to start Rat Simulator just download and play.

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