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  1. Daniel Galvan Mercado Codicia

    If I have Windows 8, can I play the game? or do I have to have windows 10 mandatory?

  2. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, should be work in 2 system but the better always run your game in 64 bits it always better for the game, thank you.

  3. Leon Duncan

    I’m having a trouble with the password, idk i tried the 1st one and it leads me to an website of buying games or others where all the language is all arabic and i can’t understand a thing, what am i suppose to do? Plus it gives me warning to ”extract from a previous volume”

    1. Talles Nogueira

      thanks! I wasn’t understanding what was the password, but know I don’t know what I need to do: I’m here, what I need to do?:

      1. Leon Duncan

        I think you’re suppose to click and execute ”DakotaLink.exe” I don’t know if it will work but i’m having a problem at it…

  4. Talles Nogueira

    what’s the password??????

  5. li

    what is the password to the rar file please , the PASS link above doesn’t show any password

  6. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, my friend this game is related with store microsoft windows 10 ok just installed with you windows 10, Thank you.

  7. Skidrow Gamez

    Hi, my friend please send to me screen-shot ok, Thank you.

  8. gabrielvl1

    and where is the setup file..??


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