Prince OF Persia Trilogy PC Free Download

Prince OF Persia Trilogy PC Free Download

Prince OF Persia Trilogy PC Free Download You can download this game full for free with direct link download or single link with full speed download by

Prince OF Persia Trilogy PC Free Download Overview

Prince of Persia is a game from Ubisoft Montreal that was released by Ubisoft. This game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was released. The game continues the story of the world of the Prince of Persia series, but not before. Persian Princess story with a new beginning, a wanderer, a vagabond, a donkey laden with treasure from the previous gambling Vrdhast back home, but suddenly caught a severe dust storm. PoP gameplay mechanisms and Prince was a major change in the character called Elika with a brand new adventure and is irrelevant to the Sands of Time trilogy.
Half a jovial person that his donkey Farah (in English: Farah), which has been lost and accidentally meets with Elika.
Elika is a princess who opposed his father’s work in the areas of the game speaks in Farsi.
At first, a stray in the sandstorm moves and shouts: Farah! Farah is quite different with the previous series. He falls over the rock at the bottom of a girl named Elika finds. Elika, who asks him to Farah. He says that Farah is called asses. Elika escapes and boy looking after the place, in the front of some of the soldiers who wanted to arrest Elika is Knnnd. Then, Elika the temple is located under a large tree. It turned out that they were soldiers, Elika’s father. Then the boy fighting with Elika’s father and he is shattered. After Elika’s father was a tree where the darkness destroys all lands, and he was with the men away. Elika boy asks what Aftadhast. Elika says that he and his fate in front of the tree of life, and if he lost and people live trees are destroyed and trees and people survive if she dies. His father wanted to destroy trees to survive, but he wanted his daughter to die for his people. Elika says that the tree be reborn to live again all the lands blessed that they are 25. They go through various enemies in the face and remove all of the way. The young man was the first love Elika Gvlsh eating. Elika is alive but dark again. Elika son in his arms, and while everything is destroyed and the game is moved to an unknown destination. That is why the game has been called the most disappointing.

Prince OF Persia Trilogy PC Free Download

PC game series Prince of Persia Prince of Persia is one of action and arcade-style games that are designed and built by companies fauna such as Ubisoft for the PC platform is marketed. The first version of this game for the Apple II was built in 1989 by Jordan McKenzie. At that time, the game is a major advance in computer games and animation was considered. After the game makers were faced with a well-received, decided to develop the game for different platforms. In the original story goes back to ancient Persia. Prince of Persia is back once again to the sword in the hands of your enemies to destroy them all away from its path. He has special abilities and unique that creates fear in the heart of every warrior. Is Prince the problems and challenges facing our story would have gone through and reach its goals? Has had 8 versions of the game attractive to the market, which we will briefly examine each of them. I would not miss this collection. You can now download the series attractive to powerful servers in American and enjoy the game.

Prince OF Persia Trilogy PC Free Download   Prince OF Persia Trilogy PC Free Download

Prince OF Persia Trilogy PC Free Download

Prince of Persia
As mentioned, the game was the first version of Prince of Persia series of games released in 1989. This is the story of Shah Sultan is fighting abroad.. The main character of the game no name, the Princess interested. He is caught in the black hole. He must save during their game and leaving behind the stages to reach the tower. Game graphics are not Nchanan but only one score for the game was released Dragon Magazine score 5 out of 5. All gameplay with a button. Our game character can jump and when dealing with enemies use weapons against them.

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands
This version, the latest version of Prince of Persia game series that was published in 2010. The owner has done its work and release the evil forces again. This will all be converted to the sand sculptures. During the game, the Prince is facing a girl named Razia Razia. Razia says that if a piece of the gold medal in the past, can destroy the evil forces. In this version, the movements and abilities of the prince have improved so that it can control the elements of nature such as winds and the soil to be at your disposal.

Persian and American civilization is undoubtedly one of the oldest civilizations of the world, the history of several thousand years has caused our country a lot of myths and heroes, but maybe we do not know and appreciate the culture and civilization we are unaware, this has caused to our country rather than playing on Iranian history and culture to be built, we witnessed a lot of computer games, some of them are of acceptable quality. This led to Mr. Jordan Mknr (Jordan Mechner) to make a game based on culture, art, and history of Iran calls. He willingly or unwillingly has the tools to create a game that is undoubtedly one of the best and Trfdatryn computer games. Prince of Persia came as such a success that no one thought it would not. But the company’s reputation was further raised when Ubisoft released the game in its own right. The company offers the Sands of Time trilogy, the game is to reach the pinnacle of fame. The last edition of this series of games is that Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands. Story Sands of Time and Warrior Within game between versions has happened.

The story of the game begins where the Prince to see his brother goes to a city called Azad. But when the city is found that a huge army to the city and they all have the intention to destroy his government. Here again, the power of the Prince uses his time to help his brother and fight the enemy goes by. Game makers on the story said that “certain related story Sands of Time and Warrior Within stronger between versions will. But the full story of the game is such that if the two versions do not match, you can enjoy your play enough of the story. Design environment is very good with detail. Places to play the role of large logs made that have doubled their beauty. Boss in the game there will be a lot of time that some of them are very large.

Title: Prince of Persia®
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft

Prince OF Persia Trilogy PC Free Download

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Prince OF Persia Trilogy




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