Outcast: Second Contact (2017/RUS/ENG/RePack)

Outcast: Second Contact (2017/RUS/ENG/RePack)

Outcast: Second Contact (2017/RUS/ENG/RePack)In fact downloading Outcast Second Contact, is a remake of the eighth-generation titles of the 1999 popular Outcast gaming game released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Outcast: Second Contact (2017/RUS/ENG/RePack) PC Game Overview

In this game, the gamers will search Cutter Slade as the “Adolfa” planet to explore the mysteries of it and prevent horrible catastrophes. They will encounter events that will surprise even fans of the original game. Outcast will occur in the near future when humans discover the existence of the parallel world of Adapta. The US government behind this discovery sends a probe to the planet to examine it.

Their experimentation is successful, but the natives of Adalfa, Atlanta (a Talan) attack the explorer and cause distortion in space-time, which could be a threat to the destruction of the earth. You are Cutter Slade, a former member of the Special Operations Force, whose mission is to escort a group of scientists to locate and repair the probe.

Outcast: Second Contact (2017/RUS/ENG/RePack)

Outcast: Second Contact (2017/RUS/ENG/RePack)




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