Magus PS3 Free Download

Magus PS3 Free Download

Magus PS3 Free Download You can download this game full for free with direct link download or single link with full speed download by

Magus PS3 Free Download Overview

Magus (pronounced “may-jus”), is an action role-playing game for the PlayStation 3, co-developed by Black Tower and Aksys Games.

Magus uses divine powers, which he can absorb from associated colored stones – red, green and blue. These powers increase over time and players can choose to master just one or all three. The game has a skill tree system with three (red, green and blue) chromatic arcana tiers. Magus can cast basic spells as much as he wants, but strong magic spells have a cooldown period.

Magus has been imprisoned in a tower in the Waterfall Kingdom and tortured for years – he’s too legit to quit, he’s hot to trot, he’s stylin’ and profilin’. Magus remains handcuffed, locked up, imprisoned, static, immovable, clueless, powerless, until a new prisoner named Kinna arrives and forces him to escape. Once Magus has escaped then their journey to discover Magus’s true identity and abilities begins. Magus uses chroma magic, his innate talent to absorb power from colored stones in the surrounding environment and then to unleash deadly attacks. Along the way they must face the wrath of the Kingdom Waterfall plus battle them to uncover identity of Magus’s purpose.

Magus PS3 Free Download

Magus game in the style of action, adventure, role-playing is the studio Black Tower, Games has made it Games has just released for the PS3. Magus for long years a prisoner in the Tower Waterfall Kingdom was actually imprisoned and tortured. If he is right, and his history is a mysterious crime. Adventure Travel Magus escaped from prison when he revealed his true character and ability.destroy. The gameplay is awesome and you will be able to the particular strength of the rocks are red, green and blue colors indicate the specific power is pulled. You can choose one of them or use them all together. Spell different you can still run into each level in the game. But requires a strong Spell Cooldown time. Another Great Game : Magic The Gathering 2012 PC Free Download.

Magus PS3 Free Download

Magus PS3 Free Download

Magus, is an action role-playing game for the PlayStation 3, co-developed by Black Tower and Aksys Games. Wikipedia
Initial release date: February 25, 2014
Publisher: Aksys Games
Modes: Single-player video game
Developers: Aksys Games, Black Tower Studios
Platform: PlayStation 3
Genres: Role-playing, Action-adventure game

How To Install :

  1. Download The Game
  2. Extract And Install
  3. Play And Enjoy

Magus PS3 Free Download

Magus PS3 Free Download click on the below for link wait just 5 second and click skip ads The Game it’s full and complete game just download and start playing it , We have provided direct link full setup of the game.

Magus PS3





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