Journey PS4 Free Download

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Journey PS4 Free Download

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The journey is an independent video game developed by the company, released by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. It was released on March 13, 2012, via the PlayStation Network. In the “journey” the player controls the long character of the desert, with a view of the mountain. Other players on the same journey can be found, two players can meet with each other and help, but they can not communicate through words or words, do not see each other.

Journey PS4 Free Download

The only way to communicate between them is a musical ringtone. The bell will also be found on the entire level of a dull, tough fabric in bright red, affecting the game world and allowing players to reach the level. Striped characters wear a towed scarf when the cloth is next to the floating charge, the player swims briefly in the air. Developers try to awaken a weak sense of surprise and the wonders of the player and form an emotional connection between them and their anonymous players. The music, composed by Austin Wintori, dynamically reacts to the player’s actions and builds one theme to represent the emotional arc of the game in the whole story.

Journey PS4 Free Download

In the “journey” the player in the desert plays a long role in the characters. After the introduction of the sequence, the player is shown comic characters sitting on the beach, in the distance is a large mountain.

Journey PS4 Free Download

The path to the mountain, the final destination of the game, is divided into several linearly moving parts. Players can go through the analog panel or tilt motion-sensitive controller, walk horizontally and control the camera, usually beyond the graphics. Players can use the button to navigate or use another button to release a quiet scream or note: the length and volume of the call depending on the mode of pressing the button, notes and background music. These controls are presented graphically at the beginning of the game, no words or words are displayed or spoken anywhere on the credit and header screen.

Journey PS4 Free Download

Journey PS4 Free Download

Journey PS4 Game Free Download

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Journey PS4



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