How To Install Games Xbox 360

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The first method:
1- Download and run the ImgBurn application.
2- To write the game on DVD9, select Write Image File To Disc.
3- Select the Browse for a file option, which is specified as a small icon with a folder icon and magnifier, and from the Open window, the attachment with the dvd extension. (Usually 1-2 kilobytes in size).
4- Now put the dual-layer DVD into the device and perform the write-related settings. For better quality, you need to set the write speed down.
5- In this step, select the Write key to complete the Write process. Then, the disc starts to be written by the program. To disable it, you can disable the Verify option before writing.
6- When the write is complete, the disk is ready for use in the console.


Second method: (specially for tagged console)
1- Get the content with the Iso2God, Convert application.
2- Create the folder created by the application through the flash, using the XEX Menu software (installed on the games console on the game’s tag) in the Content tab and copy 0000000000000000.
3- Now you can run the game from the list of games.

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