How To Install Games On PS4

As you know, downloading a game, update, and, in general, a massive file by the PlayStation 4 console is a problem and many users do not have the ability to download directly to the console itself. In this tutorial, we’re going to introduce a tutorial so that users can download their titles using a personal computer and then place them on the console. This is more cost effective for many users; one of the reasons is that if for any reason the user intends to reinstall the game, it can transfer it from the computer to the console at no cost. Users can also download the downloaded title to their friends so they will not download the title again.

Before Start Some Advice:

1- make sure You use Modem with your PlayStation ps4 and PC for transfer, don’t use Modem To only PS4 and Use Pc with Wi-Fi, will be not working follow image down for more explanation.

PS4 InstallPS4 Install

2- You Will Not Get Ban If You Use This Software This Method Is Legal 100%

3- Don’t Use IPTorrent for download games ps4 is always getting From Original Disc Game Directly you need Files PKG. you need to download from your PS4 After that send to another.

How To Install Games On PS4

Part One: Preparing the PSX Download Helper
1- Download PSX Download Helper from the site.
2- After download, extract the zip file and enter the program folder.
3- Do not drop Internet access from your computer.
4- Right-click the exe file and select Run as Administrator.
5- Now the application is running. From the application’s IP section, write down the corresponding number.
6- Also note the Port section. (Always 8080)
7- Now leave the program as it is and go to the console.

Part II: Preparing the PS4 Console
1- Enter the PlayStation Store.
2- Scroll to the desired game section and select Download.
3- Now exit the PlayStation Store and go back to the main console menu.
4- Go to the Notifications »Downloads section.
5- Wait for a few kilobytes (Kb) of the file to download and then pause it.
6- Now go to Settings> Network> Set up Internet Connection.
7- Choose your wireless or wired option as desired.
8- Continue to Custom on the Proxy Settings section.
9- In this section, enter the same IP and Port that you have written.
10- Click the Next button and continue until the end, but do not select the Connection Test option.
11- Now run the PSX Download Helper program that you left off.
12- Then, on the console, run the Test Connection option.
13- All sections must be Successful and NAT Type is also in 1st or 2nd mode.
14- After completing these two sections, go to the final section.

Section 3: Transferring title from computer to console
1- All the parts of the desired data in a separate folder.
2- Go to the PSX Download Helper application settings section.
3- Select Auto Find ReplaceFile and give the address of the data folder.
4- Now in the settings section, select Apply and return to the first tab of the program.
5- Continue download via the console.
6- You see that the console is receiving data from the computer at a high speed.
7- Wait until the data is fully transferred to the console.
8- After the transfer is completed, the data will be automatically installed.

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