FIFA 18 ICON Edition 2017/RUS/ENG/RePack

FIFA 18 ICON Edition 2017/RUS/ENG/RePack

FIFA 18 ICON Edition 2017/RUS/ENG/RePack FIFA or FIFA Football is a series of football games or soccer simulation games released annually by Electronic Arts under the label Ea Sports.

FIFA 18 ICON Edition 2017/RUS/ENG/RePack PC Game Overview

When EA started manufacturing sports games like the Madden NFL and NHL series, there were not many studios to compete with these titles, but when starting to build the FIFA series, games such as Sensible Soccer.

Kick Off and Match Day from the early 80s That’s why the competitive market for the next EA football game was very hot. When this series began in 1993, its remarkable point was that it was the first football game that officially licensed football teams and players.

but with the annual release of this series, the title has so advanced that In the latest release of this series, we’ve seen a lot of leagues around the world that have been exclusively licensed for this game. The main series of the game is focused on the world’s leagues, which are complemented by additional packages such as the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA European Football Championship and the UEFA Champions League. By 2011, the FIFA series has been translated into eighteen languages and is available to fellow practitioners in fifty-one countries. The series has hit 100 million copies in sales, making it one of the best-selling games in the history of computer games.

  • Game profile FIFA 18:

Game Name: FIFA 18

Platform: PC

Language: All languages

Release Date: September 26, 2017

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Game style: Sports

FIFA 18 ICON Edition 2017/RUS/ENG/RePack Free Download

FIFA 18 ICON Edition 2017/RUS/ENG/RePack




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