FIFA 14 PS4 Free Download

FIFA 14 PS4 Free Download

FIFA 14 PS4 Free Download PS4 with a Direct link. FIFA 14 is an impressive sport football games.

FIFA 14 PS4 Game Overview

Finally, the FIFA 14 was released by EA. One of the most popular titles released every year in the sports style is FIFA titles. This title is published annually by EA Sports on a roughly certain date. The title that comes with the advancement and adding of admirable attributes, this time makes sense to you. So get ready for you because the football revolution is literally coming out with FIFA 14. Pro Shot, Teammate Intelligence, and Variable Dribble Touches are among the new features that this year’s EA has given it a lot of maneuvering in marketing for this title. Maybe the impact of these new features will be less impressive compared to the past, but EA hopes that with such updates, they will be able to showcase the most successful part of FIFA’s Frenzies’ history to this day.

FIFA 14 PS4 Free Download

The key to FIFA’s success this year is to feel the joy and excitement of scoring excellent goals, you will no longer only score a shot with your players, but you will assume yourself when shooting instead of the player that you have the opportunity Make it fit and make a sure shot to become the flower yourself. In previous games and defenders running, there was a lot of space between them, which made it possible for attackers to easily cross the spaces created by moving through the spaces and making the flowers more comfortable.

FIFA 14 PS4 Free Download

This is what the team wants to change and put it in this version. This year, FIFA 14 has focused a lot on player speed. Last year, we saw the first-time use of First Touch Control in Episode 13, and this year, in a good progression, the ability to dribble footballers has been expanded. This does not stick to the player’s legs for long periods of time when running, in fact, this time, more emphasis is placed on the individual skills of the players with the ball, which makes it possible to measure how to move the ball. Players like Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, and Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, play all sorts of dribbles and controls with the ball easily and beautifully.

FIFA 14 PS4 Free Download

While players with fewer moves and lower skills, this gives the opportunity to defenders who take them behind and lose the ball at times. Along with this, we will see a new feature called Sprint Dribble Turns, which allows the player to move at a fast speed in any direction, at any speed. Give By combining such skills this time, EA has emphasized that the role of midfielders will be greater in the game. You really need to think about how you dribble in the real time before you can get your opponents out of the dribble. Now, when you want to dribble without thinking, your players will automatically hit the outside of the ball and this will give the defenders a great opportunity. So, as mentioned, you need to think about how well it is during successful dribbling. Of course, the part that FIFA fans want every year to make good progress is the Career Mode, which is a lot of improvement this year, and will be a big step forward for this frigate sports simulator. The user interface is a feature that will make it easier for players to find and allow you to easily find players who play in the style of your team play during a transfer with a simple search, and this is one of the greatest features. The team has done it so far.


FIFA 14 PS4 Free Download




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