EXAPUNKS PC Free Download

EXAPUNKS PC Free Download

EXAPUNKS PC Free Download The story of the EXAPUNKS game is going on in 1997 and is suitable for those who are very interested in the hacking and story areas of the field. In this game you enter a mission and you must carry out missions in the form of a hacker.

EXAPUNKS PC Game Overview

There is nothing to lose, and you have to find a way to save your life as a hacker. Learn how a hacker thinks, and Chone can do his own work through underground ports. A good cover has been provided to you and a lot of information will be given to you to finally make a successful hack.

You need to penetrate the servers and get vital files by breaking up the network cables. You can solve puzzle puzzles and apply your brain. You can share a lot of information and invite your friends for an exciting battle. The point is that downloading the EXAPUNKS game does not bring you much space, and you just have to hack a love, so that the game will appeal to you.

By downloading EXAPUNKS, you enter a series of riddles around computer information, and you usually have to shut down the network. Each step has its own system and you can not finish them with simple data. You can hack apps developer kits and find them the way to get to the main systems. The game environment is like a hacker’s system and contains a lot of information that can make you as a hacker. Write viruses yourself and enter the steps to find a way to access servers.


  • CREATE YOUR OWN PUZZLES – Create your own networks to hack, and share them with the world on Steam Workshop.
  • HACK EVERYTHING – Hack banks, universities, factories, TV stations, highway signs, game consoles, the government… oh yeah, and your own body.

EXAPUNKS System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Storage space: 660 MB available

EXAPUNKS PC Free Download





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