Earth Atlantis PC-SiMPLEX

Earth Atlantis PC-SiMPLEX After the release of the Earth Atlantis game for the eighth generation of consoles, it’s time for the PC platform to experience this action effect, sidescroller and retro.

Earth Atlantis PC Free Download

This game is a trail of Pixel Prefex studio released by Headup. The game is inspired by the old-fashioned gameplay, the main theme of which is the hunting of monsters, and you have to eliminate all the dangerous monsters that are on your way brutally. Unique intuitive interface, 4 distinct ships with their unique guns, 25 big monster with 12 special events and … all of the most prominent features of the game.

The style of the effects of the arts and the animations used in this game is inspired by the material written in the 14th century AD; however, if we add a large and dangerous sea monster of various shapes in each case, the understanding of the Earth Atlantis space is for us. will be. In this game the weather is changing.

If we are to be precise, 96 percent of the Earth’s surface has been drained and made it harder for the survival of humankind; as a result, humans have found survival in underwater life. In fact, this is the only possible way, and poor people who can not cope with the circumstances do not see the daylight. It is your job as a hunter to destroy the monsters in the underwater world and help survive the human species.

As mentioned, man has migrated to the underwater world to survive in these difficult and deadly conditions, and obviously he will take his machinery and technology to the area. This human equipment does not alter the habitat of underwater creatures, and as a result, sea monsters and human machinery are joined together and seek to hunt down humans. In Earth Atlantis, you must find these dangerous monsters and eliminate them along with half-monster half-machine bosses.

The game Earth Atlantis offers two different modes for gamers: Quest mode and Hunter mode. In this game, four submarines will be available to users, each of these submarines with the weapons and strategies available to the gamers, creates a situation for them to implement their own style and tactics in the game and go ahead; So you have to be careful about choosing them.

Earth Atlantis System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel i3 or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • Storage Capacity: 500 MB

Earth Atlantis PC-SiMPLEX

Earth Atlantis PC-SiMPLEX




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