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  • Hi, this game is only available on Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux

  • Hi, let make it easy for you, PlayStation company is allowed to share disc,
    Example: if I have games disc for ps4 I want to share with you there’s no problem, I can give it to you without any problem and will be work on your ps4, but will do it from PC to PS4, I hope that explains. so now you need only download the game and copy to your ps4 ok, listen don’t stop on my website search on youtube there are many people explain this problem i believe you will found solution there.

  • Ningthem

    I think games will need sigh in to Play Station network. Like digital download and can play only two Ps4.

  • hi, sorry for the late reply check forums ps3: about your problem you will found solution there.

  • K.v. Ajith Kumar

    If any psn acount need to install game in ps4

  • Hi, sir!

    The Link is fix it, thank you.


  • Thirunavukkarasu Samynathan

    For PS4, even if i download the games from here, do i need to pay in playstore to play the games or not?

  • is still need crack not working for now.

  • no, sir! this game still need crack, thank you.

  • Gammer

    Bcozz You are Note Uploaded Crack File For The Division Game

    • hi, si! there’s no crack for this game for now,thank you.

  • Lashan Sachintha

    please i need a crack for the need for speed 2016 deluxe edition

  • johnshegz

    please i need the link for APB reloaded

  • Hi,sir! the better download direct link because the torrent files for this game is not working, Thank you.


    please can you add gta 4 complete edition pc torrent download link

  • Badra Kacem

    please upload horizon zero dawn

  • Robert Potter

    Hi Guys, thanks for your work. I have downloaded Forza 3 on PC, installed it and it keeps saying I need an app to play it? Not sure which app! Thanks

    • hin my friend this game is only work on windows 10.

      • Robert Potter

        Hi there, thanks for the response, I have windows 10, it says it needs an app

        • • Os: Windows 10 version 14393.102 (Anniversary Update) or later.

          -Download AUTO TOOL- :

          It automatically:

          1) Renames the Block and Signature files.
          2) Registers the Manifest.
          3) Unlocks all the dlc and forzathon (online-only) cars for OpusRelease and ReleaseFinal
          by adding the modded DBs.
          4) Creates shortcuts on the desktop.
          5) Fixes the “Update Error” shown when launching ReleaseFinal.

          • NOTES:
          – Make sure you have enabled developer mode and you use a new dummy xbox account.
          – You can launch the proper release from the “Forza Horizon 3” shortcut. You don’t
          need anything else.
          – In order to do that, you MUST select “Y” on the manifest question.

          – Download DM Files :

          -BM FILES-
          Copy the files from the /dump/media folder to /opusDev/media. Replace when asked!

          – Download Update :

          -UPDATE FILES-
          Just paste the files inside your Media/ folder!
          No need to do anything else!


          How To Play!

          1.Download the game and necessary files
          2.Enable Developer Mode(if you dont know how use google)
          3.Run AUTO TOOL and follow on screen instructions
          4.Read BM FILES and do as it says
          5.Read UPDATE FILES and do as it says
          6.Run the game thro Forza Horizon 3 shortcut


  • Gurdit Singh Matharu

    I downloaded virtua tennis 4 ps3 and london 2012 ps3 but rar files are protected with passwords. Please tell what are the passwords.

  • Hi, my friend watch this vedio maybe help you : , Thank you.

  • Tru Lee

    Xbox 360 question: Do i have to extract and prepare the files or are they ready for the console ?

  • yes my friend sure please send to me screen-shot and the link post i will try help you as possible can ok, thank you.

  • Ŧคllєภ

    I downloaded The last of us Remastered and i can’t extract it!I tried winrar,7-Zip,PKG Viewer and PSNPKGDecryptor&Extractor but none of them work please help!

  • Hi, my friend we are uploading the game again for you one link download faster ok, thank you

  • Susmoy Roy

    Please Fix download link of Street Fighter X For Pc. The Download Speed is Too Slow Sometimes speed Goes off..all the other games for i can download very fast…only Street fighter x for pc link come problem

  • that’s make me really happy if all things work good,Thank you.

  • Hi, my friend Melonie are you sure you have problem extract because i’m download the game and extract again is working 100%, but it’s ok i’m uploading the game again fo you in one link download, thank you.

    Proof Image About Extract :

  • hi, my friend what’s the name of the game, your download, thank you.

    • Melonie B

      iron fish pc

      • Melonie B

        thank you for promptly replying to me. i have re-downloaded it and tried again and everything works perfectly. you’re awesome. love your site. all games i have downloaded have worked!

  • Melonie B

    help please. i just downloaded iron fish and i’m having issues. first when i extract, it says files are corrupt. i open what was extracted and there is setup exe and then it goes to setup screen and then says please insert disk. not sure what to do. thank you

  • Hi, my friend the version your download is steam preloaded , my friend you can’t play this game because you need rack to play, we still waiting now for new information about this crack, thank you.

  • Hi, my friend what’s the version your download?

  • Somiya Ratna Behera

    I recently downloaded deus ex mankind divided from 2 gb links. but when i extracted it no setup file was there. 6 folders named disk 1, disk 2 upto disk 6. Inside those folder are unsupported files. Please help!!!

  • hi, my friend is working 100% please send to me screen-shot if you have any problem, thank you.

    • Rahul Kothari

      hi, thanks for the reply. i found a way acess the adfly page and the problem is solved.

    • Rahul Kothari

      password files page is blocked.

  • Ajay Ratha

    what is the password of need for speed 2015 pc

  • Hi, my friend please give the name game? to i can give you answer, thank you.

  • Arno Dorain

    Please help!! which above setup is 100% working? And which setup can I download?

  • Hi, we need jailbreak like ps3 games now,,, we still waiting now for solution, i will share with you when i found it, thank you.

  • imarhan

    hi. how can i install ps4 game

  • hi, yes my friend your version game is added to post game, Thank you.

  • Ruma

    Could you please upload mafia 3 fitgirl’s repack?

  • Hi, my friend i’m sorry i’m not have many information about ps3 try to search on youtube is the best way to fix this problem, Thank you.

  • Hi, my friend you can download your game from this link : , after that watch this video to learn how to install your game ps3 on ps3 : , Thank you.

    • Pascal Boudeuse

      Thank you for reply but i’m using 4.80 ofw actually i can’t install multiman on it.i’m using pexploit to install game on it any ideas

  • Pascal Boudeuse

    Hi i need your help i have download R.I.P.D game for ps3 it is in 2 different how to combine it to 1 file because i actually use pexploit to install game on my ps3

  • Irshaad Siddiqui

    Dear Admin the 33 part of SPIDROW 1 GB PER LINK “GTA V Proper CorePack V2” 31GB
    Is corrupted so please fix it as soon as possible . I downloaded 33 part twice and when I am extracting with winrar all part are fine but 33 part are showing corrupted.
    So please fix it.

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