Anno Collection PC Free Download

Anno Collection PC Free Download

Anno Collection PC Free Download You can download this game full for free with direct link download or single link with full speed download by

Anno Collection PC Free Download Overview

Anno Anno games, strategy games, and beauty is one of the companies in Related Designs, Max Design and Ubisoft Blue Byte designed and built by the famous company Ubisoft Ubisoft is marketed. The first version of the series game called Anno 1602 AD in 1998 and has today released another version of the game called Anno 1503, Anno 1503, Anno 1701, Anno 1404 and Anno 2070 also marketed is. Dear users, we Sayttsmym because Drkhvastn collection Anno computer games download Persian prepare for your loved ones and hope you enjoy this beautiful game.

Anno Collection PC Free Download

Anno 1602: In this version of the play, simulation and strategy combined with each other and give the chance to players to use their creativity to create a real and vibrant. Discover the islands, solving puzzles, their development and trade with other countries, including the goals of the game. In this game can be traded with other tribes may also attack other parts of the islands and you have to defend your interests in mind Islands. Another Great Game : The Planner Farming PC Free Download

Anno 1503: The game starts when you are on a ship full of sailors and food and were looking for an island. After finding a suitable place and the story started a revolution in business and advances in various fields will begin. Finally, an aristocrat and requires at least 10 important and valuable commodity and diverse service, including access to a church and a bathroom at your life will become.

Anno 1701: The game is also like the previous series play AD & D game world begins with the migration. While you can now expand your activities, your competitors are not sitting quietly and is strengthening and expanding their activities. The townspeople to 5 Pioneer, citizen, immigrant, merchant and aristocrat divided. In the early all people are considered a citizen and a small amount of tax they pay. As you increase your empire, taxes increased and the need for basic commodities such as tobacco products, kerosene and skin care products and much more are also on the rise. The benefits for the player to achieve the highest rank and commercial stage is very important.

Anno 1404: The main purpose of this release, building a great city full of buildings and monuments, including churches. To begin the construction of a monument basic facilities required and the player must save the building material to start several projects and start work.

Anno 2070: The story of this version of the game takes place 60 years later when looking at climate change, most of the land was under water and a small amount of water remaining. So other civilizations to acquire land Byshtryaz amount to war with each other. The people are also trying to adapt to the changes caused the sea to meet their needs. It should be noted that the game Anno 2070 Edition Complete Edition has been updated and DLC because 2.0.7780.0 will also be included:

Deep Ocean
The Silent Running Package
The Nordamark Line Package
The E.V.E. Package
The Central Statistical Package
The Crisis Response Package
The Distrust Series Package
The Eden Series Package
The Keeper Package
The Development Package

  • Game Features:

– Suitable Graphic

– Experience in business

– Discover the strange and wondrous land

– To create a new civilization

Anno Collection PC Free Download

Anno Collection PC Free Download

  • Game Information:

Name game: Anno

Name Game (American): Anno

Platform: PC

English language

Year: 1998/2003/2007/2009/2011

Manufacturers: Related Designs, Max Design and Ubisoft Blue Byte

Publisher: Ubisoft

Genre: Strategy

 How To Install :
  1. Download The Game
  2. Extract And Install
  3. Play And And Enjoy

Anno Collection PC Free Download

Anno Collection PC Free Download click on the below for link wait just 5 second and click skip ads The Game it’s full and complete game just download and start playing it , We have provided direct link full setup of the game.

 Anno 1602
Anno 1503
Anno 1701
Anno 1404
 Anno 2070

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